Josh Allen Reveals Patrick Mahomes' Epic Gesture After Chiefs-Bills Showdown

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The NFL Divisional Round weekend was simply epic. All games were decided on the final play, we witnessed several upsets, and the showdown between Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills will go down as one of the most exciting games in the history of this beautiful game, especially those final two minutes.

Unfortunately, one of those teams had to go home empty-handed, and once again, Josh Allen's Bills couldn't get the job done against the Chiefs when it mattered the most.

Allen Says It Was A Tough Loss

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The Bills left 13 seconds on the clock for Patrick Mahomes to tie the game and the rest, as you know, is history.

Josh Allen was visibly upset after the loss, and he opened up on how tough it was to lose against the same team again:

“Obviously, it sucks the way it happened," Allen said, per Sports Illustrated. We wanted to win that game. We had our opportunities. Taking it all in and holding on to the feeling and making sure that we don't feel like this again, like I said back-to-back years in the same spot. It's tough to take in, but it's part of the game.”

Pat Mahomes Reached Out To Allen After The Game

But even despite their rivalry, there's nothing but respect between him and Mahomes.

In fact, Pat left his team's celebration to reach out to Allen and congratulate him for the way he played:

“It was tough to be in that moment,” Allen confessed. “Again, I have a lot of respect for Pat. He throws the winning touchdown, and he comes straight over and finds me. To be in that situation and to do that, that was pretty cool of him to do that.”

Mahomes Has Nothing But Respect For Allen

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Mahomes tipped his hat off to Allen after the game and said that he's looking forward to their battles in the future:

“Josh played his a** off, pardon my language,” the QB said. “It was a great game between two great football teams. ... We’re going to play this team a lot of times in games like this. With that quarterback, with that coaching staff and the players they have, there’s going to be a lot of battles. I'm glad we got this one.”

Next Ahead: Joe Burrow

Now, the Chiefs will have another tough task on their hands on their way to a third straight Super Bowl.

They'll have to contain yet another young, up-and-coming MVP candidate in Joe Burrow, who's been nearly flawless since the second half of the season.

The former first-overall pick continues to get better as the weeks go by and the Chiefs' secondary will have their hands full with Ja'Marr Chase.

The Bengals already upset Andy Reid's team at Arrowhead Stadium 34-31 in the regular season, so we're in for a rematch for the ages.