Erin Andrews Lauds Joe Buck's Work Amid Controversial Report

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Ernesto Cova

Even though sports and sports news should always be about the athletes, sometimes broadcasters steal some of their thunder.

That's the case with Erin Andrews, who's often scrutinized for every little thing she does as an interviewer.

She hasn't been the most popular figure around NFL circles lately, but that has never stopped her from sharing her views and thoughts.

Recently, Joe Buck had a perfect call during the Packers vs. Niners Divisional Round game, so Andrews had no choice but to tip her hat off to her colleague.

Andrews Says She Has Made Up Reports

That didn't distract people from the fact that Andrews and her colleague Charissa Thompson recently admitted to making up fake reports from NFL coaches:

“I was like ‘oh coach what adjustments are you gonna make at halftime?’ He goes, ‘that’s a great perfume you’re wearing.’ I was like ‘oh f*ck, this isn’t gonna work.’ I’m not kidding, I made up a report,” Thompson said on their podcast, as quoted by The Spun.

“I’ve done that too,” Andrews admitted. “For a coach that I didn’t wanna throw under the bus because he was telling me all the wrong stuff!”

She Regrets How Her Interview With Richard Sherman Went Down

That's not the first time that Andrews steals the headlines for not being exactly ethical, as most can remember her now-viral interview with Richard Sherman.

Looking back, Andrews says she's sorry about the way she reacted to Sherman's words:

“I was so mad at myself,” she admitted, per BroBible . “There were so many different things I could’ve gone, and yeah, I knew that it was gonna end up that way that I was just so pissed. I love Richard, I loved him before that happened. I was just so mad because I was like, ‘This is the coolest moment.’ As I said, we were in a meeting with him the day before. he told us how much he did not like Crabtree. So I knew he was talking about him but I knew America didn’t know. And I actually thought, ‘People are going to think he’s freaking yelling at me.’ And he’s not, he’s the man.”

“I’m so bummed because I wanted to get a third question, he walked away," Andrews added. "I think Fox panicked a little bit because they thought he cussed, he didn’t. I wish we could do it over, but we can’t.”

Kevin Harlan Roasted Her For That Interview

Andrews drew plenty of criticism for that interview, with legendary play-by-play broadcaster Kevin Harlan calling her out for it:

"Her reaction was more about her than the guy. It was very odd," Harlan said. "If you go back and look at that interview, her reaction was more like drama queenish.”

“If Michelle Tafoya or someone like that were interviewing, I can’t help believe that she wouldn’t have asked the appropriate follow-up and been a little bit more composed,” Harlan added. “Whereas the gal that was asking the questions was almost like she was on a stage. It wasn’t about her, it’s all about him, and the more I think about it, the more irritated I get.”

The years have gone by, but controversy continues to follow her.

Andrews Does A Mock-Up Interview

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On the eighth anniversary of that infamous interview, Andrews tried to do a mock-up on what she would've wanted it to look like.

And, while she clearly had gone through it over and over on her head, it was too little, too late already.

Andrews is one of the most renowned names in the sports broadcast industry nowadays, but for some reason, controversy just continues to follow her wherever she goes.

Hopefully, this will be the last time she makes the news for something like that.