Anna Kendrick Does Halloween With 'Pitch Perfect' Co-Stars

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Anna Kendrick had a mini reunion with some of her Pitch Perfect co-stars for Halloween. Fans of the franchise couldn't help but get excited to see the girls together again.

The Bellas haven't had a public reunion since September, when Rebel Wilson took the group to a private island for her birthday celebration.

Fans got excited seeing the Bellas in one photo, fueling more rumors of the possibility of another Pitch Perfect movie.

Scroll below to see their Halloween costumes.

Promoting 'Love Life' Season 2

Anna Kendrick | Instagram

Kendrick has been busy promoting season 2 of Love Life. The 10-episode season premiered on HBO Max on October 28.

The second season has shifted focus from Anna Kendrick's character Darby Carter to Marcus Watkins, played by William Jackson Harper of The Good Place.

In an interview, Kendrick has compared the show to Marvel, saying that the series has so many interesting characters the audience can look forward to.

"There are a lot of interesting characters from this season that could work great to expand on. It’s like a Marvel Universe for adult dramedy.”

Pitch Perfect Halloween Edition

Chrissie Fit | Instagram

Taking a break from work, Kendrick reunited with some of the Bellas to attend a Halloween party in LA.

The girls were all dressed in their Halloween costumes and they definitely looked impressive. Chrissie Fit dressed as Lydia from Beetlejuice, Brittany Snow went as Edith in classic horror film The Birds, and Rebel Wilson was player 456 from Squid Game.

While the ladies got their looks dead on, Kendrick took the easy way and just put on some red horns with her casual get-up.

Kendrick's Unmatched Creativity

Michael Braun | Instagram

Fans got excited to see the girls all together again but some were not impressed with Kendrick's Halloween costume.

"i see you put a lot of work into that costume," one fan wrote in the comments.

"you went as yourself and we know it," another one said.

"ur not lazy ur costume is just comfy!!" a commenter explained.

Seeing the girls had fans wishing for another Pitch Perfect movie. One fan had to ask in the comments:

"Is there going to be a pitch perfect 4"

Is There Going To Be A Pitch Perfect 4?

Anna Kendrick | Instagram

There have been rumors of a fourth installment of the popular Pitch Perfect franchise.

Some of the cast have publicly said that they would love to another movie but nothing has been confirmed yet.

A TV spin-off, however, is currently in the works, according to Deadline. The series will be starring Adam Devine, who is reprising his role as Bumper Allen.

While the story will revolve around Bumper's music career, there is a possibility that the Barden Bellas, or at least some of them, could make an appearance too.