'Bachelor' Star Rachel Lindsay Speaks Out About Chris Harrison, Says It Was 'Right' For Him To Step Aside

Lucille Barilla

Rachel Lindsay has addressed the controversy surrounding Chris Harrison's decision to step back from the finale of The Bachelor. The Extra correspondent sat down with Billy Bush to discuss the aftermath of her interview with the longtime host of the series and the questionable past behavior of contestant Rachael Kirkconnell.

"I wasn't shocked at the content of what he was saying… in public, where other people can hear what you think, and your, your thoughts may be a bit controversial, but I remember also thinking, 'This is something that needs to be heard. This is something that needs to be seen.' And I felt a duty," she said.

She explained that when one thinks of racism, explicit acts come to mind. She believed her conversation with Chris was a moment for people to recognize the words that were said and to learn and grow from their exchange.

Rachel admitted to Billy that while talking to The Bachelor host, she was focused on the moment and not on reacting. She added that Chris needed to understand what he said in that interview was wrong. Most of all, she believed he needed time.

She then posed a question about the future of The Bachelor franchise.

On February 10, Chris and Rachel discussed the photographs that had come to light of Rachael on the celebrity news series Extra. These sparked allegations of racism.

Rachel has been vocal in holding the franchise accountable when it comes to issues regarding race. After she urged the series to diversify, Matt James was named The Bachelor's first Black male lead.

During their discussion, Chris and Rachel agreed it would be best if Rachael spoke out about this topic herself. He agreed with Rachel that while the photos did not shine the best light on the contestant, he stood by his comments that over time, perspectives can change on certain things.

During their talk, he said the contestant deserved "compassion" after social media posts surfaced where she was dressed as a Native American person and attending an antebellum plantation-themed ball.

After receiving backlash for his remarks, the host announced on Instagram he would take a step back to "try to evolve and be a better man." That announcement post can be viewed here.