Donny Osmond Shares Wife Debbie 'Is The Person That Brings Me So Much Happiness'

Lucille Barilla

Donny Osmond revealed his wife Debbie is the person who brings him happiness in a touching new Instagram post, seen here. The singing superstar shared his feelings in honor of Valentine's Day for the woman who has had his heart for 43 years and counting.

He called himself "blessed" to be able to share his life with Debbie. Donny made his claims in a caption that accompanied a photograph of him and his wife sharing a tender kiss.

He said he falls in love with Debbie every day. Donny called his wife his "forever valentine" within his post, where he applauded all the positive ways she influenced him from the moment they married in May 1978, when she was 19 and he was 20.

Donny praised Debbie's patience and shared she was his greatest cheerleader.

He called her patient as he wrote songs for his upcoming album and put together his stage show that will take place at Harrah's Las Vegas this summer.

Donny told his 224,000 followers that he wished each of them could see how nurturing she continued to be as a mother to their five sons -- Donald Osmond, Jr., Jeremy Osmond, Brandon Osmond, Christopher Osmond, and Joshua Osmond. He cited her loving relationships with their wives Jessi, Melisa, Shelby, Alta, and Summer, respectively.

Debbie and Donny also dote on their 12 grandchildren.

In 2016, Donny wrote about his story with Debbie on Facebook. He revealed they met when she was 15-years-old. Donny added she was the "hot babe cheerleader in town" who dated his brother Jay before becoming serious with Donny.

He shared it took him three years to win her heart and convince her to marry him. He complimented her in the post, praising her looks and wondering who would believe a woman that lovely was a grandmother.

"She is still a very hot babe!" he wrote.

Donny's fans adored his tender remarks about his spouse. They applauded the couple for maintaining a happy home as they move towards a half-century of togetherness.

"How blessed you both are to have each other! Happy Valentines Day to you!" penned one fan.

"Such a beautiful story that continues (very unusual these days). Here's to many more years of love and happiness," a second person toasted.

"It's wonderful to see and hear how your love endures. Teamwork is the balance that is needed in any relationship," claimed a third user.

"What a wonderful tribute to a woman who has won your heart for eternity. God bless the two of you moving forward in your life together," a fourth follower wrote.