Ted Cruz Trolls People Who Fell For Fake Correction Claiming CNN Mistook A Dorito On His Jacket For QAnon Pin

Nathan Francis

A viral hoax claimed that CNN had to issue a correction after saying Sen. Ted Cruz wore a QAnon pin that was later found to be the remnants of a Doritos chip — a hoax that even the Texas senator appeared to enjoy.

On Friday, an image that spread on Twitter appeared to show a correction to a story that CNN had published on its website.

"CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misstated that Sen. Ted Cruz was seen wearing a pin featuring a QAnon symbol. It was later discovered that this was not a QAnon pin but a Doritos snack chip stuck to his suit," the note read.

But those taking to the new network's website to search for the story in question were out of luck, as there was no story claiming he was seen with a pendant for the controversial theory. Some who shared the post later revealed that it was a hoax.

The hoax appearing to characterize Cruz as slovenly was still a hit online, with thousands sharing the image and poking fun at his expense. But Cruz seemed to take it in good spirits, later tweeting a screenshot of the faked images and adding a bit of trolling to those who had shared it.

A number of those who took part held signs and wore clothing aligned with the conspiracy theory, which paints Trump as a warrior fighting against Democrats and other perceived enemies whom the conspiracy suggests are actually Satanic pedophiles. As Roll Call noted, two recently elected members of Congress have expressed support for the conspiracy theory, though Cruz has never shown any affiliation.

Cruz has apparently moved beyond his objections to the election. As The Inquisitr reported, he is expected to attend Biden's inauguration next week, even as Trump reportedly plans to leave Washington, D.C., before it takes place, breaking a precedent where the outgoing president attends the swearing-in ceremony for their successor.