Video Shows Woman Getting Attacked By Adult Bison, Has Her Pants Ripped Off In The Scuffle

Madison Lennon

On Wednesday, a woman was attacked by an adult bison at South Dakota's Custer State Park and her pants were ripped off in the scuffle. A video of the attack was shared by the Custer County Chronicle's Facebook page. The video, which contains strong language, can be viewed here.

According to WJW, a Fox-affiliated television station, the incident occurred in the evening. A group of motorcyclists approached a herd of bison and a woman stepped off to get close to a bison calf.

Upon getting close to the animal, an adult, likely the calf's mother, charged at her and could be seen violently tossing her around in the short clip. The bison managed to tear her pants off and seemingly knock her unconscious.

Luckily for her, she survived and was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Officials have since asked people to maintain distance from animals in the area.

The footage showed the bison drag the woman off the road into the grass field that stretched alongside it. While the camera was somewhat shaky, the actual attack could be seen as the animal dragged her in circles before running away.

A woman could be heard saying, "She has no pants on?"

"Not anymore," a man responds off camera.

Once the bison took off, a group of people approached the woman to check on her.

"These f*cking stupid people," said the bystander recording the incident.

The Today show also reported on the news and even shared a photograph of the woman's jeans, which were left discarded on the side of the road.

In the comments section of the Facebook video, many users had little sympathy for the woman, although at least one claimed she knew some of the visitors that went to her aid.

"My dad is the one who gave his shirt and his best friend is the one who helped the lady. So thankful they were there at the right moment. Hope she is ok. Lots of prayers for her family," wrote one user.

"One would think a 54 year old would know buffalo are wild. Deserved every bit of this stupidity," said another.

This incident is not the first bison attack reported this year. In May, The Inquisitr reported that a woman visiting a partially reopened Yellowstone National Park had been thrown to the ground and injured by one.

At the time, the woman refused medical assistance, so the full extent of her injuries was unclear.