Reese Witherspoon Is Lovely In Pink In A Poolside Pic With Dogs Pepper And Lou

Lucille Barilla

Reese Witherspoon looked lovely in pink in an Instagram pic with two of her three pups, Pepper and Lou. Her furry friend Hank was not seen in the photo. The Academy Award-winning actress appeared to enjoy two sugary treats, a cup of coffee, and some bonding time with her four-legged family members as she lounged poolside.

In the caption of the share, Reese noted that donuts and dogs make days better, and she proved that with a styled photo of herself enjoying her goodies with her anxiously awaiting pals.

Plated in front of the actress was a large donut covered in bright icing and lots of colorful sprinkles. Also seen was a slice of cake, also with pink frosting. In an oversized white mug next to the sweets appeared to be coffee. Reese smiled as she held up a piece of cake for Pepper, who was seated on a chair next to her. On the ground and peeking over the wooden outdoor table stood Lou, who also stared at the food.

Reese wore a large straw hat to protect her skin from the sun. But nothing could protect her pups from her dazzling bright smile. Her blond hair was pulled away from her face. The actress sported a pink-and-white checkered sweatshirt, with the sleeves pushed up. She wore gold hoops in her ears and a thin gold chain around her neck. A pendant could be seen hanging from the necklace.

"Three of my favorite things in the world - donuts, dogs, and you!" said one fan.

"And I see cake!" exclaimed a second follower, who zoned in on the icing-rich goodies placed atop the table on a pretty white and blue floral plate.

"Thanks for constantly blessing us with the cutest content," remarked a third Instagram user of the image the entertainer shared with social media.

"Looks like the dogs are just as keen on the donuts!" stated a fourth follower.