WWE News: Company To Fine Superstars For Not Wearing Masks In Performance Center

Danny Cox

The number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in Florida, and WWE is taking serious measures when it comes to safety. The promotion has already introduced a number of new health and safety measures, but it is taking extra steps to make sure its superstars are listening. WWE is now issuing fines to those who are not wearing masks while spending time in the Performance Center in Orlando.

Over the last week, the state of Florida has reported more than 50,000 new cases of COVID-19. WWE has been taping all of its shows from the Performance Center in Central Florida since mid-March in order to help minimize travel as much as possible.

WWE has installed plexiglass barriers between the crowds and ring area. Any fans in attendance are required to practice social distancing. Temperature checks are required for anyone and everyone who enters the building at any time. A second set of temperature checks will also be needed if tapings run longer than usual.

PW Insider reported that WWE is advising staff members and superstars on the roster that they must wear protective masks at all times. The only instance in which a mask is not required is when they are on-air talents performing in the ring or on camera during the tapings.

WWE has also said that there will be fines issued for anyone not wearing a mask. A first violation will result in a $500 fine, and a second will cost $1,000. That amount will continue for any additional offenses.

WWE has dealt with several issues when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

The company has lost a considerable amount of revenue due to not having fans in attendance for months. Superstars are also receiving their salaries even if they choose not to attend tapings for fear of COVID-19.

Last week, there were reports of three positive tests out of the WWE Performance Center. In addition to those, producers Jamie Noble and Adam Pearce both tweeted that they had contracted the coronavirus.

Backstage interviewer and ring announcer Kayla Braxton also received a positive test last week, but it was her second time. She first tested positive around the end of March after spending time with friends.

Since the recent outbreak among its superstars and employees, WWE has been performing additional testing at all TV tapings. The new mask policy is much stricter than it had been, and it is in place for every person who enters the facility.