WWE Rumors: Higher-Ups Not Happy About Shots Taken During AEW 'Fyter Fest'

Danny Cox

On Wednesday night, All Elite Wrestling presented a special edition of Dynamite, which included some shots taken at WWE. Rumors are flying around that some of the higher-ups in WWE are not thrilled with the things that former superstar Taz said during his promo. During a time when the coronavirus pandemic is causing issues for everyone, Taz implied that AEW is much better at controlling things than WWE.

During the "Fyter Fest" edition of Dynamite, Taz went out to address the crowd. The former ECW Champion manages Brian Cage, who will face Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship at Fight for the Fallen in two weeks.

The promo has been applauded by many on social media as they felt it built up the world title program well. Taz spoke on how the match had to be pushed back after Moxley's wife, Renee Young, tested positive for COVID-19, and AEW didn't want to take chances.

While referencing WWE, who Young works for, Taz said that AEW doesn't "run a sloppy shop" as other promotions do. Taz said that Moxley would get tested again by AEW if he'd just get back to work and stop worrying about what is going on at home.

There have been several positive tests for the coronavirus at the WWE Performance Center recently. Producers Jamie Noble and Adam Pearce both tested positive last week. Young is not the only on-air talent with the coronavirus as announcer Kayla Braxton received her second positive test in three months.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported a detailed account of the protocols set in place by AEW to enter the Dynamite venue. Some fans signed waivers to confirm that they had no exposure to anyone with COVID-19. Those fans only received temperature checks and were not fully tested.

Fans in the arena were seated every other row with empty chairs left between one another. Another source stated there was a "large buffer zone" between those given temperature checks and those who had been tested for coronavirus.

AEW believes spacing people out more than the CDC guidelines will help those who have been tested not get possible contamination from other fans.