NFL News: New Orleans Saints' Malcolm Jenkins Thinks Football Is 'Nonessential'

Danny Cox

Malcolm Jenkins has undoubtedly been outspoken throughout his career, and even more so since rejoining the New Orleans Saints. The NBA and MLB are going to restart their seasons this summer, with the NFL beginning play in the early fall. Jenkins wants to play football just as much as the rest of the players in the league, but he does not believe risking anyone's health is worth getting on the field.

On Thursday, the NFL team owners had a video conference meeting to discuss the 2020 season. Earlier in the day, the league canceled the Hall of Fame Game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys due to coronavirus concerns.

The owners met to discuss preparations for the season and how things will transpire to prevent further spread of COVID-19. The NBA will restart its season at Walt Disney World and remain contained in a "bubble" to avoid as much exposure as possible.

Jenkins addressed the situation of the NFL's season, and he said that it isn't possible for them to do the same thing. With more than 2,000 players, coaches, and staff members, the NFL can't possibly find one centralized location which will keep them safe.

Jenkins said that it's hard to rely on others to be honest about social distancing and taking the proper precautions.

As transcribed by ESPN, the Saints' safety feels football should wait until there can be better-organized health standards.

"And I think until we get to the point where we have protocols in place, and until we get to a place as a country where we feel safe doing it, we have to understand that football is a nonessential business. And so we don't need to do it. And so the risk has to be really eliminated before we -- before I -- would feel comfortable with going back."

All teams must follow the strict health protocols that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell put forth, but Jenkins still feels that the games can wait.