A Restaurant In Texas Has Paired Tacos And Wine

Alisha McKinney

Many people love tacos and many people love wine, and the owner of hit new restaurant Taco y Vino in the Oak Cliff Bishop Arts District has decided to take the idea of combining tacos and wine and run with it. Typically the go to beverage to have with tacos would be a margarita; Jimmy Contreras had other things in mind, being as he has always dreamed of owning a wine bar, reports Dallas News.

Contreras is a wine professional and is well aware of wine pairings and the intimidation factor that often comes along with wine for many individuals. He hopes and believes that he has found the right balance, as much of his thought process has gone into working out his business model and plan. Since his specialty is wine, Contreras has partnered with a popular head chef, Sharon Van Meter, to bring value to the restaurant experience, kitchen, and business office. Van Meter is a French trained chef.

Both Van Meter and Contreras have been sure to spend plenty of time taste testing the tacos and wine combinations, taking extra care on the pairings, as tacos can be quite heavy on the fat as well as spice factors. Since their taste tests, Van Meter has chosen to make protein the focus of their tacos, which will be accompanied by garden fresh vegetables, fruits, and cheese. Some of the tacos will come with chipotle aioli or jalapeno heat, for those who want a bit of kick on their tacos. Those who grab the spicier tacos can expect varying degrees of heat, chosen by patron preference. Meanwhile, Contreras believes that to accompany the tacos, wine with the moderate acidity and fruit-forward character worked best. The wines at Taco y Vino can be purchased by the glass or bottle.

In addition to wine, Contreras offers a few different beer options from local and name-brand breweries. For those who prefer not to drink alcohol, nonalcoholic beverages such as Topo Chino and Mexican Coke are available, as well as iced tea or coffee.