Engagement Photo Goes Viral On Reddit For The Worst Possible Reason

Anne Sewell

A couple were so completely love-struck when they posed for their engagement photo that there was something they just didn't notice, until the photo hit the popular social media forum reddit and started to go viral.

While it is unknown who the romantic couple are, or where they are situated, The Mirror Online notes that it is apparent that they were enjoying a good meal at a restaurant when the boyfriend said the magic words, proposing to the love of his life.

They theorize the man had been rehearsing the proposal scenario for months and apparently got it right, because she did say "yes."

As they were in a restaurant at the time, the newly-engaged pair then chose to use the nearest tools they had to create the perfect engagement photo. They took a whole load of rice and created each others' initials, separated by a huge and romantic heart.

His initials are AN and hers are AL, so you might already see where this is going. Being in a love-struck state as they were, they just didn't notice or think of the consequences and posted the engagement photo online.

A redditor found the rather amusing image on Imgur and since then the engagement photo has gone viral, with several thousand reddit users sharing it around.

A redditor called Bluebeagle theorized in a comment as to what might have occurred.

"Lets do my initials first, then yours"

"No way, that spells out Alan...."

"Fine, we can do your's first."

"No way, that spells out Alan...."

"Fine, we can do your's first."

Whatever the actual series of events involved, they will now definitely need a sense of humor as the resulting engagement photo certainly came out very funny and rather unfortunate, as can be seen below.

— Ian Croll (@Iancroll1) July 28, 2015

Then there was the story of a Dutch man who hired a huge crane to make a grand marriage proposal, which went smashingly wrong.

Last, but definitely not least, there was a skydiving marriage proposal that went horribly wrong when the future groom accidentally dropped the ring during freefall.

It all goes to show that marriage proposals should always be carefully planned to avoid something going horribly awry, especially when taking an engagement photo on what should be one of the most important days of your life.

[Image: CC by 2.0 Steven Depolo]