Buster Posey Does Something No Catcher Has Done

Tami Benedict

Buster Posey, we all know that name regardless if we are San Francisco Giants fans or not, and it is a name that we will keep on hearing. Last night, the Giants played their arch rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the game was nothing but amazing. Buster Posey yet again signed his name into the record books for something that doesn't usually happen in baseball, especially with a catcher, but Posey likes to defy the odds.

During the game, Posey stole second base with ease. Normally Posey likes to keep things safe, but last night something snapped in him. It has been two years since Posey has stolen a base, but he said he felt like he had the green light to do so, shocking the Dodger's infield and their pitcher Mike Bolsinger.

That wasn't the only shocking thing Buster Posey did though. In the third inning, with bases loaded, Posey took a curveball and slammed it right into the outfield, hitting a grand slam and giving the Giants a three-run lead.

Posey told CSN Bay Area, "I was fortunate I got a pitch that stayed up. I was trying to stay small there, especially with two strikes."

According to SF Gate a grand slam and stolen base in the same game by a catcher hasn't been done in 112 years. Posey decided to put that to an end on Friday night and show the record books exactly where he belongs.

Buster Posey told SF Gate, "It's cool, I'd like to know the odds of that, considering I've stolen six or seven bases in my career. I'm thinking the odds aren't real high."

The grand slam was Posey's fourth, including his hit during the 2012 playoffs against the Cincinnati Reds, and his 10th home run of the season. Originally the Giants were the only team this season who didn't have a player hitting double digits, so we can thank Posey for also stopping that.

The Giants and Posey went on to beat the Dodgers, 9-5, inching them closer to that top spot in the National League West. If the Giants and Posey continue to play like the did last night, they can pass the Dodgers, who currently are in first place, and take their rightful spot in the National League.

What do you think of Posey's fourth career grand slam? Do you think he is fast enough to be stealing bases or was this just a lucky occurrence? Do you think that Posey's name will forever be etched into the record books?

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/ Getty Images]