'I Don't Fight Cowards': Tyson Fury Bashes Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury
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Aniket Awasthi

The world of boxing has always drawn more attention in the Heavyweight division. The foundation laid down by the greats like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson is still intact as superstars like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua battle for the limelight.

The two British fighters have never fought each other, but there has always been tension between the two camps.

Tyson Fury Explains Why The Fight Did Not Happen

As a result, when rumors flared up that a fight between Joshua and Fury was being negotiated, the fans went wild. However, talks broke down and Fury laid the blame on Joshua for the entire thing.

"The fight didn’t happen. The reason I believe is they never wanted it to happen and they never had any intention of it happening. The first week [of negotiations] I believe he was interested in the fight then he realized the daunting task and he got talked out of it by his people and himself. If that wasn’t the reason, he would be here now fighting instead of Derek. But he’s not and that is that," Fury said.

"Anthony Joshua Is A Coward"

However, the British heavyweight didn't stop there and revealed that he was never going to waste his time on a fight against Anthony Joshua. The world champion then proceeded to call Joshua a coward and revealed that he has nothing to prove to anyone.

"No, there's no glamour in fighting a coward, none. I don't fight cowards, I only fight real men. That's a glamour fight? No way. My glamour fight was fighting the 42-0 Deontay Wilder in America."

Tyson Fury And His Upcoming Fight

Fury does have a point, as the boxer has not lost a single fight in his entire professional career. The British fighter has won 32 fights and drawn one, with 23 wins coming from knockouts.

Tyson Fury has won the last three of his fights via knockout and is facing Derek Chisora next on the 3rd of December in London. Fury has already beaten Chisora twice, and it'll be interesting to see how the trilogy goes down.

Anthony Joshua And His Last Fight

On the other hand, Joshua lost his last fight against Oleksandr Usyk after it came down to the judges' scorecards. He has been looking for new opponents but a fight against Fury is not materializing any time soon.

Moreover, Usyk and Fury might just fight on their own to unify all of the World Championship belts at Heavyweight. Amidst all of the drama, boxing fans can just sit back and enjoy as the spectacle unfolds.