Manager Thinks It's 'Bold' For Gen Z Worker To Request A Meeting Then Reschedule It For Being Too 'Depleted'

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Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi

Boldness or an appropriate response? A TikToker by the name of Jess (@coachjesss), who frequently shares content about career advancement and the workplace, recently posted a video that has gone viral. Jess, who has over 14,000 followers, called out Gen Z workers in the viral video due to a recent interaction she had with a Gen Z employee.

"Shout out to Gen Z in the workplace, y'all are bold as [expletive]," Jess said at the beginning of her video.

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Jess Narrates Her Experience With The Employee 

In the TikTok video, Jess narrates that there is a new Gen-Z employee on her team at work who requested a one-on-one meeting. Jess consented to the meeting despite not being the new employee's direct manager. She scheduled a time when they could be free after deciding to meet, then sent the employee a meeting invitation.

The 'Bold' Response 

However, the employee responded by explaining to Jess that he had numerous meetings that day. He also informed her that he might be feeling "depleted." Jess further revealed that he requested a different time for the meeting. 

Jess Interprets The Action As' Bold' But Respects It

Although Jess interpreted the employee's response to be bold, she also respected it. 

"I was like 'Child, you asked for this meeting with me, this is a favor to you,'" Jess said in the video. "'But also respect for knowing your boundaries and knowing what you want and what you like and how to prevent yourself from feeling burnt out,'" she added. "So, very bold, but I respect it."

Jess further clarified her opinion in her video's comment section. "To clarify: I respect the boundary setting. Nevertheless, it's a bold move early in a new job when you're at the start of your career," she wrote.

TikTokers Believe The Employee Acted Appropriately

While there was a range of reactions from other TikTokers who followed Jess's story, most of them said they didn't think the Gen Z worker's request was "bold." However, they thought it was the appropriate response. 

"I don't consider it's bold. Sounds appropriate," one viewer commented. 

"For me it's not bold. I think it's communication. And it's good. I love gen z," a second viewer commented. 

"I adore their generation. They are also so open and unashamed about mental health struggles. They're like gorgeous stars, I love them," another user praised the Gen Z as a whole.

Most users commented that Gen Z is a very courageous generation as they are never too afraid to stand up for themselves and communicate their feelings. However, they must never forget to act appropriately by respecting other people's feelings.