NBA News: LeBron James Wants Kyrie Irving On The Lakers

LeBron James
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Ernesto Cova

The Los Angeles Lakers didn't have much of a chance to move on from Russell Westbrook this offseason. No one seemed to want his contract, and there was no way he was going to opt-out from a $47 million deal.

But in the wake of the Brooklyn Nets' recent situation, there might as well be a light at the end of the tunnel for the purple and gold.

Bron Wants To Play With Kyrie Again

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving
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Kyrie Irving has reportedly become available in trade talks. And, apparently, LeBron James is determined to reunite with his former teammate, this time in Los Angeles:

"James, I’m told, wants to see Irving in Lakerland more than anyone," NBA insider Marc Stein reported. "What other team, furthermore, has a LeBron-sized personality with the experience to cope with all the Chaos that comes with adding Kyrie."

Kyrie's Price Is Dropping

Kyrie Irving
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Brian Windhorst of ESPN revealed that the Nets no longer consider Kyrie untouchable. Moreover, his trade value continues to drop by the day, so they could be forced to listen to an offer from the Lakers:

"As I've talked to the executives, they believe the price for Kyrie Irving is going down," Windhorst said. "Before when the Nets were considering trades, they had considered keeping the team at a certain level with Durant. Now that Durant is likely going to leave the team, the price for Kyrie Irving on a rental situation is going to drop."

Lakers Can Make Things Work

Kyrie Irving
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Windhorst added that the Lakers would be the most logical destination for Kyrie, as it could allow the Nets to land another All-Star in Russell Westbrook:

"Definitely look for the Los Angeles Lakers. They were interested when he was a free agent, and they'll be interested now," Windhorst continued. "The only trade that makes sense now is the Russell Westbrook one. The trade would add 11 million to the Nets salary, which means the Lakers may have to incentivize the trade with a draft pick."

The Trade Is Already In The Works

Kyrie Irving
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Now, word around the league is that both teams are actively trying to work out a deal to swap their starting point guards:

"The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are actively engaged in discussions on a trade package that would send star point guard Russell Westbrook to Brooklyn in exchange for star point guard Kyrie Irving," Chris Haynes reported.

So, once again, it seems like James will get his wish. Hopefully, for Lakers fans, they can work their magic again as they did in Cleveland.