Kelsea Ballerini Dazzles In Two Outfits On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Country singer Kelsea Ballerini
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American country-pop singer Kelsea Ballerini started writing songs when she was 12. In 2014, she signed with Black River Entertainment and released her debut album, The First Time, in 2015. She followed that with her second album, Unapologetically, which she released in 2016.

On Thursday, July 1, Kelsea appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her new song, Heart First, from her upcoming album of the same title. Before she took to the stage, the hardworking singer had a fantastic time with the guest host, Chelsea Handler, as they sipped on a glass of margarita. Kelsea also spoke about how she began writing songs.

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Dazzling In Two Ensembles

Kelsea wore two different outfits during her appearance. One dress was for her performance, while the second was for her interview.

During her interview, the country music singer wore a Lilac Jack­et and trousers combo. She looked stunning and sophisticated in the outfit. However, Kelsea's second outfit had more heads rolling.

The First Time crooner made a second appearance wearing a floral-print jumpsuit with a crossed-neck halter. The contrast between the dark green fabric of the jumpsuit and the vividness of the pink roses and yellow branches highlighted the design. The center of the bodice was carved out on the slim-cut silhouette.

Kelsea's golden hair streamed behind her, while the only accessory she wore was a simple gold ring. However, the jumpsuit's design wasn't the only thing that stood out; her pink pointed heels and subtle eye makeup with purple eyeshadow made her look even lovelier.

Kelsea And Chelsea Had Margaritas On The Show

Guest host, Chelsea, complimented Kelsea's stunning look as she welcomed her. The duo talked about how they have missed each other and haven't had time to hang out. Kelsea then referred to Chelsea as her real-life friend and said she planned a little something for them. 

"And for those that don't know, I'll consider Chelsea and I [I'll consider us as real-life friends,]" Kelsea said while Chelsea responded, "Yes, absolutely."

Later, Chelsea and Kelsea enjoyed two glasses of margaritas. 

Kelsea Admits She Doesn't Write Songs With Her Husband

Kelsea Ballerini in plunging black dress
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After a few sips, Chelsea congratulated Kelsea on her new single, Heartfirst, and asked if she wrote it herself. 

"Yes, I started writing songs when I was 12. It's like songwriter and artist for me." 

Chelsea also asked Kelsea if she writes with her husband Morgan Evans since he's also a country singer. 

"We don't because we do the same thing all the time so we already bring it home," Kelsea said, explaining that it's going to be too much for her. 

Chelsea Thinks Kelsea Got Married Too Young

One of the show's highlights was when host Chelsea mistakenly called Kelsea's husband her boyfriend. She explained that she made the mistake because she was obsessed with the couple's marriage. 

"Your boyfriend, I'm sorry, your husband. I keep saying boyfriend because I was so obsessed that you're getting married so young but it seems to be working out." 

Chelsea's reasoning got Kelsea and the entire audience laughing out loud. However, she went on to call Kelsea and her husband "a hot couple."

The episode ended with Chelsea joking about writing a song for her mom on Mother's Day. This was after Kelsea explained that she wrote a piece for her mom on Mother's Day. 

When Kelsea heard about Chelsea's plans, she said the host's mom would love the gesture. However, to her surprise, Chelsea revealed it was too late because her mom was dead.

Heartfirst, Kelsea's upcoming album will be her first since Ballerini, which she released in September 2020. Hopefully, the country music performer will be releasing new records soon.