NBA Rumors: Celtics Could Swap Jaylen Brown For Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant going back to defense
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JB Baruelo

Brooklyn Nets small forward Kevin Durant is expected to be one of the hottest commodities on the trade market this summer. The Nets may not have shown a strong indication that they are planning to trade Durant, but if they lose Kyrie Irving in the 2022 NBA free agency, most people expect KD to demand a trade from Brooklyn.

While Irving and the Nets are negotiating regarding a new deal, Durant has already started to be linked to some title contenders that could be his next landing spot this offseason.

Kevin Durant To Boston Celtics

Kevin Durant finding his way into the basket
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One of the potential trade destinations for Durant is the Boston Celtics. Despite failing to end their title drought in the 2021-22 NBA season, the Celtics are still expected to keep their core intact.

However, if they want to have a better chance of dominating the Eastern Conference and winning the NBA championship title next year, Sam Quinn of CBS Sports believes that they should consider swapping Jaylen Brown for Durant.

"But Jaylen Brown's ball-handling led to some of the turnover problems that doomed the Celtics in the playoffs. That's not an issue for Durant. Boston could pair its league-best defense with an offense suddenly employing a second elite shot-maker."

Kevin Durant An Upgrade Over Jaylen Brown

Kevin Durant talking to reporters
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Trading Brown would be a difficult decision for the Celtics, but it would be worth it if it means acquiring a player of Durant's caliber. Durant may already be 33, but he's still one of the best players in the NBA. His potential arrival in Beantown would significantly improve their offense, giving them a reliable scoring option alongside Jayson Tatum, a great rebounder, a decent on-court facilitator, and a legitimate floor spacer.

Last season, the 12-time NBA All-Star averaged 29.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 6.4 assists while shooting 51.8 percent from the field and 38.3 percent from beyond the arc. While Durant is only expected to be the Celtics' No. 2 guy, he could also step up in crucial situations and lead the team's offense when the opposing team's defense is focused on Tatum.

Kevin Durant-Celtics Connection

Kevin Durant going back to the locker room
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In a recent appearance on Celtics Post Up, NBC Sports Boston color analyst Brian Scalabrine explained why Durant would consider leaving the Nets for the Celtics. Aside from the fact that they just recently made it to the NBA Finals, Scalabrine thinks there's a "real connection" between Durant and the Celtics.

"One, Kevin Durant, when he was available before (going to) the Warriors (in 2016 free agency), he was linked to be with Al Horford," Scalabrine said. "That was a thing out there. He loves Marcus Smart, he loves Ime Udoka, and he respects Jayson Tatum. There's a lot of things going on here. It's not just, 'Ah, the Celtics are good.' There's real connection here."

Nets Get A Young Centerpiece

Jaylen Brown lays up the ball
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Swapping Durant for Brown would also be a no-brainer move for the Nets. With Durant and Irving possibly gone, the Nets would be forced to undergo a rebuilding process. At 25, Brown is young enough to become the centerpiece of the next title-contending team that the Nets would try to build in Brooklyn.

Brown may still have plenty of things he needs to improve in his game, but no one can deny his star potential. Though it won't put him closer to winning his first NBA championship title, playing for a team where he could be the main guy could speed up Brown's development into a legitimate superstar in the league.