NFL Rumors: DK Metcalf Might Become One Of The Highest Paid Receivers Soon

DK Metcalf
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Jon Conahan

There have been some rumors throughout the offseason that the Seattle Seahawks might decide to look at options to trade DK Metcalf. Trading DK Metcalf certainly wouldn't be in the best interest of Seattle, but good news for their fans, recent reports are suggesting that they're going to get a deal done to keep him.

What Would The Deal Be?

DK Metcalf
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The deal would be somewhere around four to five years for $110 million or $140 million. Rumors are suggesting that it's going to be over $70 million fully guaranteed. 

If he does end up taking this contract, it would make him one of the three highest-paid receivers in the league behind only Miami Dolphins' Tyreek Hill and Las Vegas Raiders' Davante Adams. Both of those two signed massive deals throughout the offseason.

Is This Smart For The Seahawks?

DK Metcalf
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There are a few different ways to look at these rumors from the Seattle Seahawks' perspective. Considering that they still have plenty of questions at the quarterback position, it's interesting why they're going to go out and give a ton of money to a wide receiver. They first need to go out and get a quarterback who can play at an elite level to help DK Metcalf continue being one of the best wide receivers in football.

However, it would be expected if Seattle finds a way to get a better quarterback in the near future and they want to make sure that their star wide receiver is going to be able to be there catching passes for him.

Guys like DK Metcalf are also huge for free agent signings, considering that quarterbacks are going to want to throw to elite wide receivers.

DK Metcalf Is One Of The Best Receivers In Football

Seattle Seahawks
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When looking at the type of seasons that DK Metcalf has had throughout the past few years, it's easy to see why people are regarding him as one of the best wide receivers in football. A year ago, he averaged 12.9 yards per catch and had a total of 967 yards and 12 touchdowns. 

The season before that, he had 1,303 yards and averaged 15.7 per catch. He already has 29 touchdowns throughout three seasons and is showing everybody that he has the potential to arguably be the best wide receiver in football in a few years.

The Seahawks Will Likely Be Bad This Season

Seattle Seahawks
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It would make sense if the Seattle Seahawks are going to struggle this season due to some of their questions at the quarterback position. It's going to be an interesting year in Seattle and one that they haven't been used to seeing in the past few years.