Noah Cyrus Shows Off Healthy Body In Bikini

Close up of Noah Cyrus
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American singer/songwriter/actress Noah Cyrus recently cleared her Instagram feed to usher in her new musical era, but that's not stopping fans from finding pictures elsewhere. Some of the fan pages discovered several shots of the entertainer during one of her numerous vacations.

She rolled in the sand wearing a bikini and dark black sunshades looking healthy as ever. Noah had a long battle with substance and drug abuse. She detailed that aspect of her life in her latest single off Mr. Percocet, her new album.

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Noah Shows Off Healthy Body In Bikini

Noah Cyrus in sheer dress
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Noah wore a black bikini with a string bandeau top and high-waist V-shaped bottom, hugging her curves and revealing her flat belly. Her long silky straight black hair fell to her back, complimenting her bikini and multiple arm tattoos.

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The Inspiration Behind 'Mr. Percocet'

Noah Cyrus in crop top and white pants
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When Noah released the visuals for "Mr. Percocet," she shared a long message explaining the inspiration behind the lyrics.

"Opening up about this is really hard but I think it’s finally time: in 2018 I was introduced to using prescription pills (downers like xanax and percocet) as a way to socialize and party and fit in with the people I was surrounding myself with," she started.

Unfortunately, Noah's anxiety peaked leading her further into her drug use and intensifying her addiction.

Further Down The Rabbit Hole

The compulsory lockdown in 2020 didn't help matters either so Noah continued her her drug use to deal with the Isolation. She further wrote,

"My partner at the time also struggled with substance abuse and with that came a really turbulent and confusing relationship."

The said partner was Lil Xan, with whom she went public at the VMAs in 2018. Their short-lived romance blew up when they accused each other of cheating, and it escalated to the point of Xan saying the relationship was all for show.

Staying Clean And Putting It In The Music

"I’m happy to say I’ve made a lot of progress and put in a lot of work to be here making music and living my life happily for the first time in what seems like forever... I guess telling everyone this is a way to provide some context for what’s been going on and to thank you for sticking by me. Hopefully the music off of this album and my honesty can provide some solace to people going through similar stuff."

Noah also mentioned that she ditched the prescription medication at the end of 2020 and has been clean since.