NBA Rumors: Rudy Gobert To Toronto, Pascal Siakam To Utah In Proposed Raptors-Jazz Blockbuster

Rudy Gobert taking a free throw
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JB Baruelo

In the past months, rumors have been continuously swirling around All-Star center Rudy Gobert and his future with the Utah Jazz. After they suffered an embarrassing first-round exit in the 2022 NBA Playoffs, multiple signs indicate that the Jazz will break up their young superstar duo of Gobert and Donovan Mitchell.

With Mitchell still considered the face of the franchise, most people believe that Gobert will likely be the one to go should the Jazz decide to split up the tandem.

Raptors Interested In Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert warming up before the All-Star Game
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As of now, the Jazz are yet to decide on Gobert's fate. But once he becomes officially available on the trading block, several teams in dire need of a frontcourt boost and additional star power are expected to express a strong interest in adding Gobert to their roster.

According to Ian Begley of SportsNet New York, one of the potential suitors for Gobert on the trade market is the Toronto Raptors.

"One note on Gobert: The Toronto Raptors are among the teams who would have an interest in trading for him if he’s made available, sources say," Begley said.

Proposed Raptors-Jazz Trade

Rudy Gobert warming up before the game
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Begley didn't give further details regarding what the Raptors are willing to give up to get Gobert. However, if the Jazz decide to remain a competitive team in the Western Conference, they would likely ask the Raptors for a trade package that includes a quality veteran who would help Mitchell carry the team next season.

According to James Piercey of NBA Analysis Network, the Jazz and the Raptors could explore a trade that would send Gobert to Toronto and Pascal Siakam To Utah.

Raptors Swap Pascal Siakam For Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert taking a free throw
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The proposed blockbuster deal would be worth exploring for the Raptors. By sacrificing Siakam, the Raptors would be able to address their need for a starting-caliber center. The potential arrival of Gobert would significantly improve the Raptors' offense and defense, giving them a very reliable scoring option under the basket, a monster rebounder, and a quality rim protector.

He averaged 15.6 points, 14.7 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks this season while shooting 71.3 percent from the field. The departure of Siakam won't deeply hurt the Raptors since they still have Scottie Barnes. Barnes, who just won the 2022 Rookie of the Year award, offers the same skill set as Siakam and has shown tremendous potential to become a legitimate superstar in the league.

Jazz Pair Donovan Mitchell With Pascal Siakam

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Meanwhile, instead of running it back, the proposed blockbuster deal would enable the Jazz to give Mitchell a new superstar running mate in the 2022-23 NBA season. Siakam may not be on the same level as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard, but he's a solid two-way contributor in the NBA.

"Landing Pascal Siakam is more than a consolation prize," Piercey wrote. "He doesn’t make the same defensive impact, but he’s a superior two-way player. He’d also be the best second option that Mitchell has played with in his career so far."