'RHOP' Star Gizelle Bryant Reacts To Peter Thomas Dating Rumors

Gizelle Bryant
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Ashabi Azeez

The love life of The Real Housewives Of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant has been a central subject. After she and her ex-husband tried to rekindle their relationship, which later failed, there have been rumors that she was dating Peter Thomas. She set the records straight, making it known that the rumors were not true. 

Shutting Down Dating Rumors 

Gizelle Bryant
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This alleged dating of Bryant and Peter was first hinted at by Media Take Out. The pair were said to be secretly filming their relationship for the show's upcoming seventh season. Gizelle was able to shoot down this allegation, stating to The Jasmine Brand, "It is 100 percent NOT TRUE". However, she was not the only one who shot down the rumors. Her best friend on the show, Robyn Dixon, also said the rumors were "not true." 

Just Friends

Peter Thomas was married to Cynthia Bailey, one of RHOA's stars, but they later got divorced amid a lot of drama. After Peter's divorce, he lived primarily in North Carolina and was the owner of restaurants in Charlotte, Miami, and Baltimore. It was known that Bryant reportedly went to Thomas's upscale lounge and restaurant in Baltimore. She also posted many pictures of her at his new spot, but the pair were just friends. 

Gizelle's Love Life

Gizelle Bryant
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 The reality star was married to Jamal Bryant from 2002 before their first split in 2009 after Jamal had an affair. They got back together in 2019 but ended up splitting again. They share three daughters, Grace, 16, and twins, Angel and Adore, who are 15. The 51-year-old is getting back into dating but sticking to "casual encounters' ' and discussed the concept of dating with her daughters. She asked the girls how they felt about her going out again and was shocked by the response of the twins.

They talked about how she was lonely, and they did not want her to die alone. She then confessed to dating someone and tried to use the conversation as a lesson to make them start dating if they were ready. The girls expressed how it was hard for them to date when their parents' marriage did not work out and how it took a toll on them. 

Being 'Emotionally Unavailable' 

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The mother-of-three took to her therapist to discuss the conversation about her being "emotionally unavailable." She thought she was doing an excellent job until her girls pointed it out. The therapist recommended she should have honest, open conversations about what she was going through and let her walls down for beauty to come out. Gizelle agreed to do it if it would help set a good example for her children and help them whenever they get into a relationship.