'They're Real Problematic': Amy Schumer Criticizes Disney On 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

Amy Schumer gives the camera the eyes
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Seth Meyers welcomed renowned comedian and actress Amy Schumer on a recent episode of his famous show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, on May 4, 2022. It was an exciting time for viewers, thanks to Amy's blunt and hilarious nature. 

The Life and Beth actress was daring enough to criticize The Walt Disney Company, a children's entertainment and media conglomerate, during the show. "They're real problematic," the comedian revealed to Seth after recently introducing her three-year-old son Gene David Fischer to Disney films.

Find out some of the highlights of Amy's time on the show below. 

Amy Talks About Animated Movies

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During Amy's appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, she explained why it was difficult for her to watch animated films like Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, and even Tangled with her son because of their racist, sexist, and harmful content.

“I’m sure you’ve seen they have all the warnings now,” Amy said of Disney’s disclaimers placed ahead of certain films on Disney+. “Just like, ‘We’re sorry!’ You know, ‘We’re still going to show it to you!’”

Amy Felt Disappointed At 'Peter Pan'

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Amy was looking forward to showing her son Gene Peter Pan but was shocked when a Native American caricature appeared in the movie's first half-hour.

She continued, “And then all the women, mostly just the mermaids in Peter Pan, they’re topless and they all speak in a whisper, ‘Oh, Peter! Oh, I’m so wet. I’m a mermaid.’”

“Is that actual dialogue,” Meyers asked, laughing, with Schumer responding, “That’s actual dialogue. Check it, check it!”

Even though the mermaids do not speak those exact words, they flirt with Peter; hence, the actress is not far from the truth. 

Amy Loves Drinking 

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The Trainwreck actress revealed at the beginning of the interview that she enjoys drinking. She admitted that even on the days she did not drink, she still drank a little. 

"Like I've been drinking so much, like last night is the only night I didn't drink and I drank," she said. 

Amy got the audience laughing at intervals as she talked about her drinking habits and hangovers. 

Amy Stuns In Two-Piece Outfit

Amy Schumer in plunging blue dress
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Amy appeared on the show donned in a  purple patterned two-piece outfit. The actress looked elegant and comfortable in her dress. She accessorized her look with black heels and her usual blonde hair, which she styled with some strands falling beside her face. 

The A-list actress and comedian's time on Seth's show was quite thrilling for the host and audience as she made everyone laugh heartily at her every word.