Chrishell Stause Hints On New Lover In 'Selling Sunset' Reunion

Chrishell Stause
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Ashabi Azeez

Chrishell Stause, the Selling Sunset star, has announced the identity of her new lover on the May 6 reunion of the show. This announcement followed a few months after splitting up with broker Jason Oppenheim. 

New Lover

Chrishell Stause
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During the Netflix reality show, the 40-year-old real estate agent publicly announced her new romance with G Flip, a 27-year-old non-binary Australian singer.

This was revealed months after her split from Jason during the show's reunion, which aired on May 6. In the interview, Chrishell explained she met her new lover while doing their untitled music video, and since she enjoyed acting, it was a plus for her. A clip from the project showed the beautiful couple sharing a passionate kiss.

Chrishell And Oppenheim Relationship

Chrishell Stause
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The duo started as friends and coworkers, then moved into a romantic relationship. They revealed their relationship in July 2021, and episode 5 of the show also gave an inside look at their relationship, which sent a great sensation to the show's fans.

This sensational romance ended five months after they announced their relationship. The reason for their split is due to their different views on starting a family. Though they have broken up now, the Kentucky-born still sees Jason as her best friend and still has a great amount of respect and love for him. 

Handling The 'Very Difficult' Split

Chrishell Stause
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During the reunion, which aired on Friday, the 45-year-old broker got emotional as he explained his 'very difficult' split from 'the love of his life'. He emotionally talked about how he ruined something good with Chrishell and how he would struggle to see her happy with another person.

Also, he expressed how deeply rooted his love for her was and how he'll 'never meet someone like her again. While crying, he said, "It's been a few months but I'm still going through stuff and I think there was a lot of love between us, and I still care about her very much, this has been a very difficult breakup".

He explained that even though he was still struggling and not handling the split well, he was happy to see her smiling and happy.

Reason Behind The Split

Chrishell Stause
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It was revealed that Jason ended their relationship because he was not ready to have children when Chrishell expressed her desire to start a family. Jason said he thought of her as a perfect mother. "But I think the more I thought about it, I went in the other direction."

I just felt like this is not the time in my life when I want to have a family". Since the family life with Jason was not forthcoming, the actress has decided to take off "some pressure," focus on herself, and just have fun, enjoy and date someone new.