The Remains Of Taylor Pomaski, Missing Girlfriend Of Ex-NFL Player Kevin Ware, Have Been Identified

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Texas authorities have just identified human remains as belonging to Taylor Pomaski. The girlfriend of former NFL player Kevin Ware was just 29-year-old and has been missing for over a year.

Pomaski was last seen leaving a party at the residence shared by the couple in Spring, Texas, on April 25, 2021. According to numerous witnesses, the couple had a "violent fight" during the party just before her disappearance.

It Wasn’t Kevin Ware Who Reported His Girlfriend Missing

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It was Taylor Pomaski’s family that called the police roughly two weeks later, on May 11 of last year. It wasn’t like her to go this long without calling, especially since Mother’s Day and her Father’s Birthday had passed. The family told authorities they felt she was in danger.

A friend of Pomaski’s, Eric Zuleger, said the relationship was abusive. He had seen bruises on her and she reached out for support many times in April.

“We were talking about her getting out of there, getting back on her feet, getting herself set and stabilized.”

Investigators Agreed The Circumstances Were Highly Suspicious

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The circumstances leading up to Pomaski's disappearance did lead investigators to suspect foul play early on. They also believed the remains they found could be Pomaski but weren’t able to confirm it for the last six months.

Her remains were found in December 2021, but the official determination was just confirmed Saturday, April 30, 2022, by The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. Toxicology results and an official cause of death have not been revealed at this time.

As of now, the investigation is still open and active. Homicide detectives are eager to close this case according to Harris County Senior Deputy Thomas Gilliland.

Is Kevin Ware An Official Suspect?

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There are currently no suspects in custody according to deputies. Montgomery County prosecutors did refer to Ware as a "suspect" within a court filing. However, law enforcement officials have not publicly labeled Ware a suspect or person of interest. Ware has denied any involvement.

Kevin's Unrelated Arrest

Kevin Ware was arrested in June but it was unrelated to Pomaski’s disappearance. He failed to appear in court or check in with his probation officer for previous drug and unlawful firearm possession charges. For now, the former San Francisco 49ers tight end remains in the Montgomery County Jail. He was denied bond due to the Judge’s “concern for the safety of the community.” His next court date is in August.

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