Madeleine McCann Suspect Claims To Have Alibi

Described as the most widely-known missing person case in modern history, the disappearance of Madeleine McCann continues to generate international interest.

McCann disappeared in May 2007 from her bed in a resort in Portugal, where she was on vacation with her parents, a group of family friends, and their children.

In 2021, German prosecutors identified pedophile Christian Brueckner as the main suspect in Madeleine's disappearance, but he has not yet been charged with a crime -- and he claims to have a solid alibi.

Christian Brueckner's Alibi

Brueckner now claims he was nowhere near the resort Madeleine and her parents were staying at, which is located in Portugal’s Algarve region, per The New York Post.

Brueckner told the authorities was having sex in a camper van with a woman at the time of McCann's disappearance -- and said the woman would provide him with an alibi.

That camper van, Brueckner claims, was in Faro, which is about an hour’s drive from the resort the McCanns were staying at.

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Christian Brueckner
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According to the suspect, he drove the woman to a nearby airport the following day, and they were stopped and photographed at a police checkpoint on the night of Madeleine's disappearance.

At airport security, the woman was arrested for having illegal pepper spray in her bag and later appeared in court, according to Brueckner.

Brueckner says Portuguese officials most likely have a record of these events and should be able to confirm his alibi.

The Alibi

But just how solid is Brueckner's alibi?

German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters, who is leading the investigation into Brueckern's alleged involvement in Madeleine's disappearance, cast doubt on the suspect's story.

Wolters said that "nothing" he has heard so far suggests Brueckner is telling the truth.

"What we found out, it all went in the other direction, so was rather incriminating, without me being able to elaborate on that now," the prosecutor explained to the press.

Madeleine's Parents Speak Out

In a Facebook post, Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry wrote that they are struggling to find closure.

"Regardless of outcome, Madeleine will always be our daughter and a truly horrific crime has been committed. These things will remain. It is true though that uncertainty creates weakness; knowledge and certainty give strength, and for this reason our need for answers, for the truth, is essential," Kate and Gerry wrote.

"We are grateful for the ongoing work and commitment of the UK, Portuguese and German authorities as it is this combined police effort which will yield results and bring us those answers," they added.