Pro Surfer Malia Manuel Is Killing It In Swimsuit Photos!

Malia Manuel
Wikimedia | Crapsy1994

Triston Brewer

The pro surfer looks glam and cute in gorgeous new Instagram posts.

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Meet Malia, Surfer Extraordinaire!

Hailing from Kaui, Hawaii, and known the world over as one of surfing’s most engaging and formidable competitors, Malia Manuel is not just another pretty face on the scene.

She has racked up enough impressive finishes under her belt to gain the respect of her colleagues and the sport at large.

Currently, she is also pulling double duty as a spokesperson for Lululemon and has garnered an impressive following on Instagram, where she currently has accumulated more than 244,000 followers. She makes it look effortless, which is a part of her overall appeal!

The Ocean Is Calling Malia!

And like a true lover of nature and the water, Malia answers the call every time. Looking fabulous in an all-black one-piece swimsuit, the view is just as breathtaking as she is and it is easy to see why her fans continue to engage with her.

The backdrop is absolutely stunning and Malia encourages her followers to live their best lives because FOMO is a real thing! No doubt that Malia is a star in her sport, and once she gets off the waves, she is just as engaging and her fans love her for it!

Shower Time With Malia!

In a cute post showing Malia’s sweet side, the pro surfer was outside showering in the backyard in a black, one-piece swimsuit.

Since she spends so much time in the sun, Malia is careful not to let the sun damage her gorgeous skin, and in the second accompanying photo in the post, she can be seen slathering her glowing skin with sunscreen.

It must be working because she always looks like she has skin that people would love to have!

Put Your Back Into It!

Staying at the top of her sport means taking her fitness routine seriously, and Malia is never one to slack off when it comes to staying at the top of her game.

An avid fan of yoga, she shares with fans on her social media some of the ways she uses stretching and yoga to keep her fit for the waves.

In one photo, she combines two of her loves – stretching and nature – to demonstrate how flexible she is, looking great in a green bikini top with matching yoga tights.