ESPN Analyst Xavier Scruggs Reveals Why The Mets Have Been The Best In Baseball

Xavier Scruggs on the field
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Jon Conahan

Former Major League Baseball player Xavier Scruggs is an analyst for ESPN and MLB Network. He also works with the Tampa Bay Rays, doing some of the play-by-play coverage for their games.

Xavier Scruggs Baseball Career

Scruggs spent only three years in the MLB. All three of those years, he played with the St. Louis Cardinals but didn't have much of a chance to show how good he was or not. In his three years with the Cardinals, he was a .227 hitter and only hit one home run in 138 plate appearances. He only appeared in 50 games throughout his career.

After a short stint in the MLB, he decided to sign with the Korean Baseball League's NC Dinos. The Dinos are one of the top teams in the KBO, and unlike America, he actually found some success in Korea. He hit .300 his first season there, including 35 home runs. In his second season, he hit .257 with 26 home runs and 97 RBIs.

Xavier Scruggs Analyst Career

In April 2021, Xavier Scruggs decided to join the St. Louis Cardinals baseball operations team as the diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant. He's now covering the MLB for ESPN since 2021. In 2022, Scruggs was hired as an inaugural panelist for the MLB Network show, Off Base.

What Did Xavier Scruggs Say About The Mets?

With all the baseball knowledge he has from playing professionally in multiple different leagues, he knows what he's talking about when it comes to the game. He made some interesting comments about the New York Mets and them potentially being the best team in baseball.

"BTW the Mets pitching is for real. I dove into the numbers to see if they are getting lucky at all. Nope, ERA is 2.74 and FIP is right there at 2.81, and xFIP 2.95. They are striking guys out (2nd in MLB K/9) and not walking guys (5th best bb/9). That’s the name of the game…"

Is What Scruggs Said About The Mets Accurate?

Mets player field
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Everything that Scruggs said about the New York Mets is undoubtedly accurate. If this team can continue pitching the way they have, they have a chance of winning the National League East Division, but they also have a legitimate chance of winning the World Series.

Their bats have picked up recently, which is what kept this team back the past few seasons. Their pitchers were often the ones getting the job done, and they couldn't scratch together any runs. This is an entirely different New York Mets team, and Xavier Scruggs realizes that.