Kelly Sildaru In Bathing Suit Flaunts Toned Legs

Close up of Kelly Sildaru's face
Wikimedia | DerHexer

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Estonian skier Kelly Sildaru showed off her long-toned legs in a snow-white bodysuit. The 19-year-old model poses for snapshots representing big brands when she's not on the snow skiing. She also has a travel vlog that chronicles her life outside professional skiing.

Kelly recently attended the Tallinn Fashion Week in Estonia, showing off her style in casual powers suits and luxury outfits from Balenciaga to Gucci. On day one, she wore an oversized black blazer and white boots paired with a shiny silver Balenciaga hourglass tote. Then on Day Two, Kelly wore a lilac double-breasted blazer with white sneakers.

Read on to learn how Kelly recovers in the off-season, with photos—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

Flaunting Her Toned Long Legs

The model wore a long-sleeved U-cut bodysuit in a clean white shade matching her fingernail polish, although she painted her toenails a light shade of blue. She styled her long light-brown hair in a sleek wave, then accessorized her look lightly with small gold hoop earrings and rings. The model wore nude makeup, giving her face a soft, demure look complimenting her bodysuit choice.

Ice Baths Are Good For Recovery

Kelly soaked her long legs in a cool lake during her trip to Switzerland. She wore a pink bikini bottom flaunting her toned abs and covered her upper body with a cropped sweater. The model piled her brown-blonde hair atop her head in a high bun to keep it from getting wet as she enjoyed her soaked in the water.

The athlete proclaims that ice baths are good for recovery much like, according to the Mayo Clinic. She ensured her lower limbs stayed submerged in the water despite her upper thighs floating above sea level.

Celebrating Her Husky's Birthday

Following the Tallinn Fashion Week conclusion, Kelly celebrated the 2nd birthday of her pet dog Kira. In the third slide, the pair cozied up as they posed with the Husky's celebratory paw-print balloon, Cake, and Doggy Treats. Kelly also tagged Kira's Instagram page, which has a following of over 2,000 people.

Introducing The Limited Summer Edition Red Bull

As part of her ambassadorial duties, Kelly introduced the new Summer Edition Red Bull, which comes in a blend of two flavors - Apricot Strawberry. The seasonal mocktail comes in a matte orange can, unlike the signature red, silver, yellow and red. It's only available for a limited time between April 4 and May 1 in preparation for the best time of the year (debatable).