Sara Sigmundsdottir Shows Off Bulging Biceps In Pre-Semi Finals Training

Close up of Sara Sigmundsdottir
instagram | Sara Sigmundsdottir


CrossFit athlete Sara Sigmundsdottir is ready to take on the CrossFit Open Semi-Finals at the end of this month/ beginning of next month. Despite tearing her ACL last March, she healed nicely and shared updates with fans. She took to her Instagram to share her intense workout routine with over one million followers.

Sara couldn't contain her joy when the doctors cleared her to compete professionally again. She wrote a funny long message thanking the inanimate body part.

Getting Ready For The Semis

A year later, Sara is still going hard in the gym to claim a top spot at CrossFit Opens. She moved to the USA to train for the competition at the Training Think Tank Gym in Georgia.

However, she returned home to Iceland briefly following her qualification into the Semi-Finals. Getting an on-site coach for an entire season proved to be a good decision for Sara considering her success so far in the season.

A Blessing In Disguise

Early this year, Sara's withdrawal from Wodapalooza helped her focus on the competition ahead. Her actions dropped her to 18th place overall on the worldwide ranking with 196 points.

However her stellar performance upon return pushed her back into the Top 15 (at 12) Women's Composite Rank per Morning Chalk Up.

Sara's 12th position placement puts her on the Top Ten European fittest women's list, and if she keeps it up, she might clinch a Top Three finish.

Adjusting Her Diet

She showed off her toned biceps as she worked on the treadmill. Her WIT branded tank top revealed the ripped muscles as she powered on pumping through the difficult set (per her caption.)

For a time, Sara did five sets of 800m runs with intervals of Ring Muscle Ups in descending reps from 18 to 14, 10, and 6. She called the routine brutal, but it was necessary to meet the demanding challenges at the individual Semi-Finals competition.

She also added a healthy diet rich in protein to replenish her muscle's energy after an intense day of heavy lifting.

Working As A Team

Running on the treadmill is one of her typical routines along with riding stationary bicycles in groups. She once said it's her favorite routine because seeing other women push through their workout motivates her when she feels weak.

Most of the workouts she did during the quarter-finals competition were arm-centric, so she prioritized arm exercises during her training.