Olympian Suni Lee Impresses With Nationals Routine

Suni Lee with wavy hair posing for a selfie in her car.
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Suni Lee continues to rack up titles under her belt, proving once again why she has been dubbed the "Beam Queen".

In her latest display of elite athleticism, Lee claimed the individual national championship title on the balance beam. The 19-year-old gymnast displayed her leg power, graceful lines, and sophisticated moves in the competition, wowing the judges and fans.

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National Champ!

To celebrate her latest victory, Lee proudly shared a series of photos and clips from the NCAA national championship meet held at Forth Worth, Texas.

Sporting a beautiful blue-and-white gradient leotard, Suni executed a smooth routine, with flawless leaps and back handsprings. Even her complex dismount was near-perfect!

Suni's jaw-dropping routine highlighted the power her legs hold, as well as her expertise on the beam. Lee was given a 9.9625 by the judges, earning the event title, and leading her Auburn team to the finals.

Regular Training And Diet

While she may have taken a temporary break after her Tokyo win, the Olympic champ soon returned with full force as she shifted to collegiate competitions.

Training can get pretty intense for the athlete, especially since she started competing more regularly. Like most top-tier gymnasts, core conditioning and strengthening exercises are a must. Squats, mat jumps, box jumps, and kettlebell swings are just some of the workouts to get powerful gymnast legs.

When it comes to diet, however, you'll be surprised to know that she isn't too strict on herself. While she tries to eat clean, she treats herself to pizza after every meet, according to an interview.

"We are working out so much and then we're competing every week,” she explained. “[So] it's important to keep my body fueled and strong and healthy because it's easier to get injured now that I'm just competing every single weekend."

Commendable Mental Strength

Physical strength isn't her only strong element. She has also displayed incredible mental strength through tough times, proving she has the heart of a champ.

“It’s the unparalleled mental strength that she has shown during the most difficult time of her life that make her the person she is," friend and fellow gymnast Nastia Liukin said of Lee in an ELLE interview.

In the past years, Lee had to deal with the immense pressure of representing her Hmong community, mourning the death of two relatives, and her dad's accident. She handled everything with grace and continued to shine through it all.

Is Suni Lee Joining Olympics 2024?

As for her future plans, it looks like there could be a chance for Lee to join Paris Olympics in 2024.

In an interview, Lee was asked if she was considering competing in the next Olympics and her response was reportedly a simple "hopefully".