Kelly Ripa Celebrates 'Big House 5K'

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Veteran TV Hostess Kelly Ripa rarely shares her private life on social media despite having a 3 million-plus audience. When she does post, it's often a picture of her family members and work. One time, Kelly shared a throwback shot to 2009 when she put on a leggy display in tiny shorts and 6-inches stiletto heel pumps. She thanked the paparazzo who snapped the unaware picture and said she almost forgot it existed.

The Big House 5K Marathon

The 51-year-old is a fitness enthusiast like her husband, Mark Consuelos making them the perfect pair for each other. They recently ran in the Big House 5K marathon sponsored by the University of Michigan. While Mark called her his fave, Kelly wrote that they were two average runners. Their son Michael teased them in the comment section, asking that they invite him for the next run because he would smoke them.

Dancing Cardio

Kelly gets her toned physique from dancing workouts mostly even though she occasionally duets at the gym with her husband. The mother of three typically joins viral dance challenges online and enjoys the exercise. In 2017, she said,

"It's cardio dance training, and then we do a lot of resistance bands and we do a lot of heavier weights. So I do the majority of my muscle building there," per PEOPLE.

She also revealed that she spent about 90 minutes at fitness trainer Anna Kaiser's (who's also her friend) studio four days a week.

Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories

After running an online quasi-book club for years, Kelly Ripa finally became an author this year. Her debut memoir Live Wire is set to drop in the Fall, and it's a collection of "sharp, funny, and honest" real-life stories. She showed off her famous toned legs on the book's cover, wearing a dress inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex and the City Character, Carrie Bradshaw. According to her Instagram caption, it took her 18 months to finalize the book, and her husband joked that it was like "giving birth."

The Next NY Bestseller?

"So my thought process was — now stick with me — I think that maybe people might think that it's Sarah Jessica Parker's book. We were like, 'Oh, it's Sex and the City!'" she told Ryan Seacrest on Live with Kelly and Ryan. In any case, if Live Wire's short stories contain her famous sharp wit and humor, it might very well be the next New York Bestseller.