Sally Fitzgibbons Looks Glorious In Swimsuit Photos

Sally Fitzgibbons
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The pro surfer turns heads on the waves and the sand in new Instagram photos

Sally Fitzgibbons Welcomes You To Her World

Sally Fitzgibbons is a world-class Australian surfer and listed as one of the world champion women surfers worldwide. The 31-year-old has built her career at a tender age and has only gotten better.

Besides her career, Sally regularly shows off her physique, and the effort she puts into maintaining her body has been widely celebrated. She regularly floods her Instagram with photos of herself in bikinis and swimsuits.

Her fierce determination and passion for waves have gained her over 573k Instagram followers. Her popularity continues to grow as more people gravitate toward the sport.

Aside from surfing gear, she's always bringing her A-game in any swimsuit she wears. She definitely has what it takes to grace a magazine cover, and she has been a featured model many times now as he fame on the circuit continues to soar.

Sally Stays On The Go

Striking various poses, Sally revealed her toned limbs and ripped abs as she wore a black bikini top under her structured one-piece neoprene with a mid-cut away showing off her taut stomach.

Even when she is in the thick of competition, Sally always has a smile on her face, and she is known as one of the friendliest women on the tour. It is not surprising that her IG following is so large since she radiates positive vibes that resonate with audiences.

Sally Is A Cover Girl Too!

After being featured on the Women's Health magazine cover, the Australian Surfing star could not hide her joy. The surf expert wore black sneakers and a black swimsuit. The swimsuit revealed her toned abdominals.

Sally held a white surfboard in another stunning photo that showcased her firm, long legs. Sally was so excited that she showed the Women's Health copy to her fans through her Instagram feed.

Sally Incorporates A Streamlined Diet

For those out there who want to have the body of their dreams, Sally shares with her fans that it takes a certain amount of hard work and consistency to stay swimsuit and competition ready.

She revealed she eats healthy foods like eggs, protein shakes, avocado, lean salads, and salmon. These are some of the superfoods that she not only loves but has proven to generate the results she needs to stay at the top of the league. It's not difficult to see the impact of other eating habits through her body physique.