Marisa Tomei's Workout That Gives Her 'Freedom'

Marisa Tomei
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Ashabi Azeez

American actress Marisa Tomei is known for her glamorous looks thanks to her lithesome figure and top-notch fashion taste. The 57-year-old Academy Award winner has a knack for commanding attention in high-end styles and her toned body is the topper.

Legs For Days

Marisa Tomei
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The Crazy Stupid Love star showed up at the 2019 Ralph and Russo Fashion Show in a sheer black fringe dress with a thigh-high slit. In the images posted on her Instagram, Marisa kept her face off the camera and placed focus on her long trim legs. She sat cross-legged with the slim outline of her limbs creating a sensational view. The next slide gave a more sizzling view of Marisa's outfit and legs. The Spider Man actress sat by the window pane with her legs stretched out stylishly.

Scroll to find out how she keeps so fit.

Dancing As A Workout

Marisa Tomei
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While Marisa does a variety of workouts, she loves belly dancing. In an interview with Shape, she said, “not only keeps you in incredible shape, it’s good for women’s reproductive organs and hormones too.”

She also takes devotional dance and body movement classes once a week with Nita Rubio - these classes combine meditation, music, and dance.

“There’s such a sense of freedom,” she says. “It’s not like jogging, where you’re working on your exterior. It’s about feeling the interior and being at home in your body. Movement is truly transformative!”

Marisa's Approach To Wellness

Marisa Tomei
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Once in an interview, the Spiderman actress revealed that she takes an inside-out approach to wellness. "What I eat and how I connect to my body feed my external," she explained. She listens to her body and does what her body wants her to do. She also loves to meditate, although dance meditation is her preferred type, stating that it helps her feel more at home in her skin and also helps her mentally, spiritually, and physically. Marissa enjoys hiking, calisthenics, and an occasional yoga session. She also does infrared saunas whenever she needs a reset.

Go-To Meals

Marisa Tomei
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Marisa is also quite good at whipping up some homemade meals. According to New York Magazine, The King of Staten Island star's go-to breakfast is eggs, sometimes with avocado or quinoa. Lunch varies as she is quite often on the go. For dinner, she'll make salmon with a side dish of fennel salad or lamb with potatoes. How large or little her meals depend on her body's needs, as she'll sometimes eat small meals for a few days and then follow up with a large meal.