Kate Beckinsale Flaunts Killer Abs In Upside-Down Sit-Ups

Kate Beckinsale wears black tulle dress with lacy puff sleeves, ruffles, and a sheer mesh front at an event.
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Alexandra Lozovschi

It's been a minute since Kate Beckinsale last dropped a workout video on Instagram but it was definitely worth the wait. Her latest offering was abs central, with the 48-year-old flaunting her toned figure and impressive agility while doing upside-down sit-ups at the gym.

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Abs Of Steel

Kate Beckinsale shows off chiseled abs in tube top, satin pants, and strappy heels in Midtown New York City.
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If anyone can make upside-down hanging crunches look like a breeze, it's Beckinsale. Dangling head-down from a metal railing affixed close to the ceiling, the Jolt star performed the grueling exercise with ease, going on a loop and each time flashing her sculpted abs.

Getting her sweat on at her fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson's gym, a favorite hang-out for Beckinsale, the actress delivered gym chic along with muscle power. Going comfy in black Nike leggings, she highlighted her trim midsection in a black-and-white crop top, rocking her long tresses in a voluminous bun -- a staple gym look for the Underworld alum.

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Upside-Down Crunch Ace

Kate Beckinsale shows off chiseled abs in crop top, open blazer, and sports pants in Midtown New York City.
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This was not the first time that Beckinsale has aced her upside-down crunches on the Gram. In a video from 2019, she seamlessly went through several reps and still had enough energy left to get cheeky at the end. Still hanging from the apparatus, she shook her booty before gracefully dismounting the bars, all the while flaunting her insanely fit figure in see-through mesh leggings and a white sports bra.

"No framed photos of @schwarzenegger were harmed during the making of this movie," read her hilarious caption.

Watch Her Core Workout

Kate Beckinsale flaunts cleavage and legs in skintight black leather maxi skirt with thigh-high slit and strapless white top with 3D detailing.
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Longtime fans of the British actress know that she doesn't let up in the gym. Deeply dedicated to fitness, Beckinsale told Women's Health that she does interval training six days a week, on top of doing rebounding workouts at home.

"I just got into trampolining, and it's the greatest thing…It makes you feel kind of jolly!"

she said.

While she says "exercise is almost more important to me mood-wise," all the hard work she's been putting in at the gym has definitely helped maintain her chiseled physique, with the Van Helsing star using a combination of squats, weight training, bike and medicine ball exercises to stay fit.

She's also a huge fan of boxing and crushes her workouts every time, as you can see below.

Stretching Is Key

Kate Beckinsale stretches pantsless and does the splits in mirror selfie.
instagram | Kate Beckinsale

Giving fans a peek at her core workout on Instagram, Beckinsale revealed that she maintains her flat abs with leg-ups and knee-bends while demonstrating her flexibility on the dip station. A subsequent video showed her crushing battle rope exercises and side squats, with the star flooring fans with her insane stretches in a third clip. Scroll through the embed below to watch them all!

In another upload, the Pearl Harbor star showed off her perfect form while doing weighted squats at the gym over an actual toilet. “What sets @gunnarfitness apart from other trainers is not just the fact he’ll suddenly install a loo under the squat rack to entertain himself but it is a portion of it," she hilariously explained in the caption.

When she's not doing ab roll-ups or leg lifts at the gym, Beckinsale flips tires. In a 2019 video, the actress could be seen flipping a 150-pound tire and making it look like nothing. “Avail for farm work," she joked in the caption.