Amelia Gray Hamlin Faces Backlash For Wearing Fur

Close up of Amelia Gray Hamlin
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Amelia Gray Hamlin had an eventful week at the Milan and Paris Fashion Week, walking the runway of some of the best fashion houses in the world. The 20-year-old has come a long way from being an Instagram model and reality TV star to carving a separate niche for herself. In typical Gen Z fashion, Amelia made sure to party when the work ended. The model, who, like every other person, expresses herself through her style, received backlash for one of her photoshoots and outfit.

Fans Criticize Amelia For Fur Scarf

Amelia Gray Hamlin walks at the Yuhan Gray Runway show
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Amelia sealed her time in Europe with a kiss after partying in a reflective panel-stretched Mugler dress. In the picture carousel, Amelia posed in a lace bustier and fox fur stole, which raised many eyebrows. One concerned fan said,

"I love your posts so much , but please delete the post of the dead fox around your shoulders .😢💔."

Another posted,

"Why are you wearing a probably tortured dead animal around your shoulders?"

Swipe to slide 7 for the controversial outfit.

Fans Aren't Happy With Amelia Gray

Amelia Gray Hamlin in an animal print dress
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Once again, the 20-year-old is in hot water for alleged animal cruelty. While fans gushed over Amelia's fashion in the first image of this photo dump, they soon changed their tune upon getting to the third slide. The model posed wearing a green V-neck long-sleeved sweater over a tiny tennis skirt.

Unfortunately, her smooth skin couldn't distract one million-plus Instagram followers from the fact that she had a bulldog caged in a small crate. The commenters weren't feeling the pose one bit as they called Amelia's actions inhumane. One angry commenter even said she should pawn some of her mother's clothes to get money for a proper kennel.

Some of the comments went thus,

"The dog in the cage is not necessary. It's not a beast!"

"But why the pup in the kennel?"

"Take some of your moms dresses from her garage to pawn shop and get @some cash 💰 to buy that dog a proper kennel…. He can’t even stand up in there."

Amelia Apologizes To Her Mother

Amelia Gray Hamlin and Lisa Rinna
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Amelia ignored the backlash hoping it would blow over by throwing another distraction in front instead. She apologized to her mother before attempting to break the internet in a Rihanna-style dress. The sheer black dress left little to the imagination covering only her nipples with black tape and her privates with black underwear. "Sorry Mom," she wrote, and Lisa Rinna replied, "Ha! love you." It's good to see she has a sense of humor.

No Comment

Amelia Gray Hamlin in a leather maxi dress
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Amelia hasn't replied to any of the animal cruelty allegations against her. She continues to post as though nothing happened, hoping it'll all go away if she ignores it, and it probably would. However, she may face serious outrage if she posts another compromising picture anytime soon.