Vanessa Hudgens And Lauren New Become 'Thelma & Louise'

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You can always count on Vanessa Hudgens to cosplay and get into costume parties. The 34-year-old actress takes it as seriously as her acting - after all, she acted three different characters in Netflix's The Princess Switch and pulled it off with panache. Last weekend, she attended a costume party with her friend Lauren New, which according to the invite, said, "A Night of 1,000 Brads." So, Vanessa and Lauren chose outlaws Thelma and Louise from the 1991 blockbuster starring Brad Pitt.

2022 Thelma And Louise

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis promoting Thelma and Louise
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Forget Bonnie and Clyde and get into the ride-or-die sisterhood/friendship between Thelma and Louise, the docile housewife and the upbeat waitress. They fled to Mexico after an unfortunate incident made the latter kill a man. Vanessa Hudgens channeled her inner rebel for this costume because her facial expression was the icing on the cake - not her badass sunshade in a dark theater, silk scarf, or oversized denim jacket.

As for Lauren, her frilly cold-shoulder white blouse and denim pants made her the perfect Thelma to Vanessa's Louise. She also had the demeanor to sell the character, which is very important for unrecognizable costumes. All in all, we'll rate the ladies 10/10.

Cosplaying As A Witch

We live for Vanessa's cosplay costumes because she always delivers like this slideshow of witchy goodness (or evilness.) She wore a sheer red long-sleeved bodycon top with a turtleneck inside a velvet black midi pinafore-style dress. Vanessa's fingers cleverly pass through the finger hole while the velvet pinafore has criss-cross straps on the neckline. What's most interesting about this look is her makeup as she wears smoked eyeshadow and blood-red lipstick.

Twin Yoda

Lucky for Vanessa, she's got a man (Cole Tucker) who doesn't mind dressing up, so they twinned for Halloween. According to her caption, that was the best Halloween ever! The couple dressed as Baby Yoda (or Bunnies with green heads, depending on your perspective) as they enjoyed a festival concert in San Francisco.

More Halloween Looks

Oh, you thought that was all, fat chance! Vanessa gave us two more Overall goodness for Halloween 2021, and we'll share them with you.

See Vanessa as My Little Pony below. We definitely can't be mad at the pink and blue unicorn staring down her pink glasses with interesting platform boots.

Then there's Vanessa as a Little Devil.

What's Halloween without a mischievous costume? Best yet, the famous Devil! This time, the only difference is that she's smiling through red frames and wearing a cozy devil-horned hoodie.