Inside Tour Of Lori Harvey's Exquisite Beverly Hills Home

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Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi

American model Lori Harvey is currently in a relationship with actor Michael B. Jordan. The pair have been dating for over a year and are going really strong in their relationship. Lori enjoys spending so much time with her boyfriend and usually posts pictures of their sweet moments. However, when she is not with Michael or stunning magazine and product covers or runways, she is most likely in her exquisite Beverly Hills home, which she acquired two years ago.

Get inside Lori's beautiful home and see its features below.

Cost Of Lori's Bachelorette Pad

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Before moving to her Beverly Hills home, Lori was staying with her dad and comedian Steve Harvey and mom Marjorie Harvey. However, she moved to the luxurious pad in early 2020. According to multiple reports, Lori spends $80,000 monthly on the apartment, a worthy price given its impressive features.

After acquiring the property, Lori shared a post on her Instagram Story showing a picture of a housewarming gift someone sent her. The photo showed a Dom Pérignon champagne with a note that read, “Congrats on your new home!”

Main Features of Lori's Beautiful Home

Lori Harvey's Living Room
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According to online reports, Lori's home is massive with over 9,500 Square feet of space, seven bedrooms, and nearly a dozen bathrooms. The model reportedly spends $80,000 monthly on the property, which has a statement front foyer with a staircase crafted out of wood and glass. Another incredible feature about the foyer is a spectacular chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. A nearly full wall mirror rests at the foot of the staircase and provides interesting perspectives.

The living room in Lori's property is jam-packed with classy furniture including leather couches, low-hanging chandeliers, a built-in glass fireplace, and gorgeous dark walls. A games room is not so far from the living room and consists of a full-service poker table offset by some impressive colorful artwork and a built-in home entertainment system.

Lori's Unique Kitchen and Majestic Bedroom

Lori Harvey's Bedroom
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Lori's kitchen differs from the other rooms in her apartment. It has a cream and beige color scheme alongside nearly invisible storage space and a massive wooden island. Her sprawling bedroom is located upstairs and features the same hardwood floors running throughout the rest of the home. Big windows are a feature of the bedroom, making for a beautiful view of the scenery outside. Lori's backyard has one of the loveliest infinity-edge pools. She also has a fully stocked bar in her home.

How Lori Affords Her Beverly Hills Home

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With Lori reportedly spending $80,000 per month on her lavish home, one can only wonder how the model can afford it. Lori is reportedly worth $1 million. She has been modeling since she was three years old and is currently signed to top modeling agencies like LA Models and Select Model Management in Europe. She has attended top fashion shows like the Paris and Milan Fashion Week, modeling for Dolce & Gabbana. Lori used to be an avid equestrian but was forced to abandon the sport following a horse-riding accident in 2015.

Lori is also from a wealthy family as her stepdad Steve is a wealthy entertainer known for hosting famous shows like Family Feud, The Steve Harvey Show, and the Miss Universe beauty pageant.