CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells In Bikini For Crazy Backflip

Brooke Wells with blue eyes and a bright smile in a close-up selfie.
instagram | Brooke Wells

Cha Miñoza

Brooke Wells is a daredevil on and off the box!

The 26-year-old athlete showed to her 1.6 million followers on Instagram that she's not one to back down on challenges. In a short clip, the blonde beauty did a crazy backflip and then dove into the water, all while looking gorgeous in a color-blocked bikini. Her foot slipped pre-jump and it could have ended pretty badly.

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Fun With Friends

Brooke Wells and a friend doing backflips off a boat.
instagram | Brooke Wells

"Yesterday consisted of countless flips off the top of a boat, being reckless on jet skis & hanging out with some pretty fit people in the ocean. Let’s do it again today 😝," Brooke captioned a series of Insta photos with her and her friends having fun.

She was wearing a tri-color bikini that showed off her toned athlete body. The photos were taken on a Miami trip back in 2019, where Brooke attended Wodapalooza with fellow CrossFit athletes.

Her Foot Slipped!

Showing off her flipping skills, Brooke shared videos of her and her friend doing a backflip dive. As friends egged her to do the trick, Brooke carefully positioned herself on the rail. But, when she stood up to take the plunge, her left foot slipped on the railing. Thankfully, she still landed fine and didn't hurt herself.

To redeem her not-so-perfect dive, Brooke and her friend did a second attempt. Her foot found the rail this time and she nailed the backflip jump.

Concerned Fans

Although Brooke and her friends were just playing around, fans weren't too happy with her risky behavior, which could have ended very badly.

"Her foot in the first video gave me anxiety 😭," one follower wrote in the comments.

"Make sure you have your footing in place before you jump," another one said.

It's not the first time that the athlete took a challenge head-on, of course. She's always down for some wholesome fun on the water! In a previous post, Brooke also tried flowboarding for the first time. She wiped out instantly but that's another fun memory for the books!

Back To The Gym

Currently, the athlete is back to the gym. She is taking it slow and has to limit her movements, after dislocating her elbow during Event 12 at the 2021 CrossFit Games. A recent update says that she is feeling positive about her recovery. She even welcomed the new year by sharing her "new battle scar" on Instagram.

With a little help from her adorable furbaby Ollie, who has been giving her cuddle breaks at the gym, Brooke should be back competing in no time.